Whither Grumpy?

I have decided to write a novel now that I’m living in the woods, as you do. Accordingly the blog, which has been sporadic at best for the past couple of years (albeit for different reasons), will probably not publish for the foreseeable future. Thanks to everyone who has supported GrumpyBrit and particularly to those […]

Until recently US Representative Peter T. King was the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. As the New York Times has reported Mr. King was also once a fervent and vocal supporter of the IRA. In 1982 when he was Nassau County’s comptroller, Mr. King spoke at a pro-IRA rally: “We must pledge […]

Grumpy gets religion.

Giles Fraser may be England’s most media savvy vicar. He has a column in the Guardian, he’s regularly featured on the Beeb and he’s a diligent tweeter. Dr. Fraser is the parish priest at St. Mary’s, Newington in the rough and tumble south London neighbourhood known as Elephant and Castle. He looks like he might […]

Loitering in one of the scores of cafés and bars that occupy every other shop front on Rue des Abbesses, I’m suddenly very aware of the lumpish and melancholic pall of age. I’m invisible. As the silver haired gent by the window immersed in his book and distractedly forking his food, or the blue haired […]

Whinging about ads used to be the province of UnaBomber types back when the aggrieved party actually had to put pen to paper, discover the address of the offending company, rummage around their shack in the forest for a stamp, steal into town and post the damn thing in a mailbox (no not that kind […]

Recently I had the misfortune to be in need of a train in middle England on the very day the snow came to middle England. As each successive time on the departures board rearranged itself into the word CANCELED, a collective muted groan, accentuated by some with a beetled brow or pursed lips, was the […]

Hey Bell Canada, can we talk? Because there’s nothing like ‘cause marketing’ to reveal the true extent of that unique form of intellectual paralysis, the bureaucratic rigor mortis generally only found in ‘very large corporations’. Like Bell. Take this for example. It feels as if it’s been wrung from one of those ghastly brainstorming sessions […]

Here’s a master class on how a brand can make hay with social media. Chap makes a joke on the brand’s facebook page. The joke is very well received garnering some 84,000 likes. The brand (a “fem hy” thingummy) runs with the joke and ratchets up the comedy, almost to the point of self-satire (including […]

In his eloquently rollicking and viscerally entertaining autobiography (the man makes 5-string open tuning as riveting as the “Jackal” designing his assassin’s rifle) Keith Richards spends much of the early chapters detailing the sheer dedication and hard work that went into becoming the Rolling Stones. Years of it in fact. Living in shitholes, eschewing all […]

I got a good deal on a watch the other day, a Seiko. The watch shop was going out of business. I like Seiko, I read somewhere that they’re the only watch manufacturer that makes every component of the watch themselves. I also have a Rolex. I paid almost $1,000 for a timepiece that’s reliably […]

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