Growing up in England, pre-show cinema ads were as integral to the experience of going to the pictures as the pall of smoke hanging over the balcony seats and the muffled sounds of slap and tickle from the back of the theatre. Forty or so years on, I still remember a spot for Benson & […]

The internet connection being a bit dodgy around these parts, I buy The Globe and Mail rag edition when I’m down at Grumpy Manor. And of course on Friday there’s the TV listings so that I can see which film the comely Ms. Schneller will be rabbiting about on Saturday evening. So I am distressed […]

Wolves repel supermodels

Here’s a great example of audience engagement. With a $17 t-shirt on Amazon. Now while Amazon is well practiced at the art of involvement, there are 101 reviews of the “wolves” shirt by The Mountain and close to 1100 who “found the reviews useful”. Useful as in very funny, even satirical and The Mountain chips […]

Twitter and politics

I had an interesting back and forth last night with a Tamil Canadian who was concerned because she had been branded a supporter of the extremist LTTE on Twitter. In fact all she had done was to post a link to pictures of civilian casualties from the current battle between government and LTTE forces (which […]

Beware the xenophobic customer

Seems a South African accent, redolent as it is of biltong and snoek on the braai, is bad for business in America. Jim Edwards the ad dude at BNET seems to think that KFC president Roger Eaton’s clipped South African enunciation in a youtube video apologising for cock-ups during the launch of KFC’s grilled chicken, […]

TAC’s back

The adcontrarian’s giving Twitter one more chance and I for one am glad to hear it. I eagerly await the first pithy 140 characters to come blasting off his keyboard. As a long time Twitter sceptic, I empathise with his reluctance. But after a couple of months of micro-blogging I’ve become a convert. The usual […]

Freedom isn’t free…

…or so I discovered when I neglected to renew the domain. Now it languishes in the ether, waiting to be abused by some other cyber-twerp and from hereon I’ll prattle under the much more apt rubric of the GrumpyBrit (many thanks to Jamie Way who generously offered up the miserable old gits on the beach […]