It seems that in a foolhardy cost-cutting measure, Marketing Magazine has dispatched a giddy 12 year-old from Arselick, Alberta to cover the Cannes advertising awards. Day 6 of his/her extended “What I did on my Summer Holiday” essay finds our timid naïf in the queue for the Shots party where he/she spends an entire ten […]

P&G is a very cautious company. Which is not to say that it’s a timid one. Their propensity for testing is legendary and occasionally quite silly (as when a memo circulated canceling the moratorium on music in P&G TV ads. Apparently research had confirmed that: a) music contributed to viewer enjoyment; and, b) viewer enjoyment […]

McCann’s Faris Yakob and Paul Worthington of Wolff Olins offer their prescriptions for social media success at Internet Week 09. They are summarised here under the therapeutic rubric of 10 Steps To Social Media Success. I don’t know Mr. Worthington but I’m certainly a devoted Faris fan. Nonetheless, I think Social Media “how to” guides […]

Perhaps I’m missing something, is this the most ill matched voice over or what? Perhaps I’m out of the loop and “G” enjoys the services of some bling laden hip hop artist or hoops legend as a corporate voice over, because if they don’t – that sure don’ sound like hockey to my admittedly unCanadian […]

Letter to the editor

Dear Marketing Blog, I should preface this with a request that you don’t get sniffy and petulant if I find myself in need of some well-deserved publicity in the future . So, nothing personal, “sticks and stones” and all that. Right? Good. What the fuck is with you people? Twice I post a comment pointing […]

I was a bit bummed this morning, thoughts not coalescing into anything even vaguely interesting, let alone grumpy, not even an inkling of a post today and then, this. Saatchi’s in Canada have launched a new web site. They’ve had a temporary thing up for a very long time. And from my point of view […]

Digg’s new ad format lets readers “digg” ads and push them into the general news stream. And while there’s a slew of problems around this idea in terms of the potential for trickery, hackery and general nefariousness, conceptually it’s quite interesting. The more readers/viewers/listeners like an ad, the greater its exposure. Better yet (and in […]

I don’t get the ads and I don’t get the business logic. As George points out, frantic spots as the antidote to search overload seems a bit counterintuitive. And isn’t the whole idea of BING about as forward looking for Microsoft as developing a landline phone service? I recently watched the Google video of their […]

Amid all the psychobabble surrounding advertising these days, reminders of the timeless fundamentals never go amiss. I’ve written about Dave Trott and his blog before and he probably thinks I’m an ad legend stalker, but the fact is not that many ad legends seem to blog or tweet (the notable North American exception of course […]

TAC has me thinking about the idea of relationships with brands and brand generosity and other anthropomorphic notions of inanimate objects that drive me up the pole. While it’s the nature of brands to ascribe human qualities to products and services from faceless corporations, things have all gone a bit Oprah lately. If I think […]