The trouble with teens.

The ‘research note’ on teen media consumption penned by an intrepid intern at the London office of Morgan Stanley and released earlier this month, hit the front page of the FT, which is impressive stuff for a 15-year old. It also generated “five or six times as much response than the team’s usual research” which […]

“More than anything, the incident appears to have punched away the myth that with the election of Obama, the U.S. has somehow shed two-and-a-half centuries of racial baggage.” This, from today’s Toronto Star, in reference to the absurd arrest of Harvard professor Henry Gates last week, as he attempted to “break in” to his own […]

The never ending conversation

Winston Churchill said, “the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter”. The Earl of Sherbrooke, an otherwise less than noteworthy 19th century Chancellor of the Exchequer, noted that, “now we must educate our masters”, after the passage of a bill that extended voters’ rights beyond the landed gentry. Well […]

The essence of a brand is a recognizable point of view on the category and the customer. This point of view underlies and is reflected in the unique way the company delivers products and treats its customers. When that point of view is absent, or so generic as to be indistinguishable from other players in […]

Here’s my problem with the GM revitalization program so far. In two words, cultural inertia. Or to put it another way, Bob Lutz. The eloquent Mr. Lutz famously labeled global warming “a crock o’ shit”. I would guess President Obama’s IQ is roughly equivalent to the sum of GM’s management worldwide, plus the state of […]

One of the attributes that distinguishes advertising from other commercial propaganda is continuity, better known as the campaign: an idea that extrapolates over time, across media and down through promotions, POS materials, PR releases, events, etc. The distinguishing attribute of most internet marketing is its complete absence of continuity. As an aside, CPB’s work seems […]

On bunburying and branding

Branding, as the venerable TAC points out, is a gerund, like Bunburying. In The Importance of Being Earnest, Algie Moncrieff visits a fictitious invalid (Bunbury) in order to avoid tedious family gatherings. Bunburying is a first rate gerund, of impeccable provenance, that conveys a useful idea. Other than for cowherds, branding is a blot on […]