Rogers. #FAIL

I’m surprised his apparatchiks didn’t display Ted Rogers’ embalmed body, Lenin-like in a glass-topped coffin at 333 Bloor. The Rogers ‘experience’ is akin to what I imagine shopping at GUM, the Soviet-era department store was like; their advertising as true to reality as Stalinist propaganda, their customer service on par with the Lubyanka. Here in […]

Bad news is a tough sell

If I had to choose just one charity to support it would unquestionably be Médecins Sans Frontière. The most humane of organizations operating in the most inhumane places, they stand for sanity in the midst of utter madness. In an age when words like courage are regularly used to describe a supermodel dealing with a […]

Advertising agencies are some of the worst communicators in business. The old saw that the hardest ad to do is the house ad is invariably greeted around the boardroom table with resigned nods and knowing chuckles. Which in any other business would be considered a fucking disgrace. The house ad is hard when you don’t […]