This is a crap article. It’s a list thingy, which of course means the writer is an avid reader of list thingies like “10 ways to increase your blog readership”. Its underlying thesis is that agencies are down on their luck these days, so now’s a good time to conduct a review and really screw […]

I sometimes wonder if there hasn’t been some sort of plague that ravaged the marketing community a few years back. Because it seems to me that the body of marketing knowledge built up over the last 60 years or so has all but vapourised. Dave Fleet’s a keen observer of social media, an interesting blogger […]

Microsoft obviously believes that the audience for Windows 7 have been preserved in a state of cryogenic suspension in Poughkeepsie or Peterborough or Potters Bar since 1977. Back in the 1970s, the typical packaged goods commercial was affectionately referred to as TCK (two [pithy epithet]s in the kitchen). The scripts were interchangeable: Woman ‘A’ whinges […]

I’m perplexed when I read journalists on advertising. It’s something I know a little bit about and almost invariably I find they are ill informed on the facts and rudimentary in their understanding of the basic precepts. I pray they do a better job on the shit that really matters. Bob Garfield’s gleeful obit for […]

London is not a brand

London was called Londinium by the Romans, before Boudica, Queen of the Iceni burned it to the ground in 61 CE. William the Conqueror, who knew the value of a tourist dollar, cut the ribbon on Westminster Abbey (the Millennium Dome of its day) on Christmas Day 1066 and eager to prove he was no […]