The German ad for Liaisons Dangereuse inspired a knee jerk response from me, which I immediately posted here. I make no apologies for the response, but I think the subject merits a bit more discussion. Other than advocacy on behalf of political, religious or humanitarian organizations I believe adamantly that politics, social commentary, religion – […]

The client is a cretin. The “creative” team are imbeciles. The agency, Glow in Berlin is utterly irresponsible. This is surely one of the dumbest ads produced in a long time. It’s no less dumb and insensitive than the Brazilian 9/11 climate change video. I’m sure they they thought it was clever. They probably believe […]

I really start to worry when supposed communications professionals can’t even come up with a meaningful ad for their own business. I don’t know why I worry, but I do. This is an ad for National PR. Apparently they are: “Canada’s largest public relations firm, [whose] business is to help organizations manage their reputation and […]

How many Canadian readers of this ‘ere blogamabob have a bundled account (5% off for two services, 10% for three, 15% for four) with Rogers (a major player in the Canadian cable and wireless cabal for you non Soviet Canuckistanis)? And how many of you know that the bundle expires after 2 years*? And that […]

I recently came across this post by Michael Schaefer. Early in, he refers to the thought leaders in social media marketing as a ‘country club’ and I immediately recognized a fellow traveller. Now I’m about as far from being a thought leader in social media marketing as I am from beatification. When it comes to […]

One of the great bonuses in the new age of the back-talking consumer will be the demise of advertising that purports to hold up a mirror to the audience’s “lifestyle” or that tells the audience how they should feel. This patronizing, smarmy approach to prospective purchasers was the unfortunate product of venal focus group moderators […]

After several minutes of careful analysis and deep introspection I think I’ve arrived at the definitive solution to the ad world’s woes. And it involves socialfuckingmedia, which means it is de facto, a bloody fine idea. Every six months I’ll issue a tweet hash tagged #fuckoffyougobshites and every agency – yes every agency in North […]