The war on advertising

I’m usually interested in what Jim Edwards at BNET has to say and he occasionally exposes inanity in the business of advertising. But this article is sophomoric cack. Under the catchy headline 3 Ways Clients Can Push Agencies to Save Money 1. Why are you based in Manhattan and Los Angeles? Leaving aside the inherent […]

The joy of web 1.0

Back at the turn of the century my then partners and I were the beneficiaries of a web 1.0 windfall. We owned a little ad agency that was bought by an “end-to-end-e-business-solutions-company”. I guess we were at the very far end of one or other of the ends. Our benefactor was a game developer-cum-jobbing printer […]

One book everyone should read.

“J’accuse”. It feels like an angry jab to the chest when Roméo Dallaire invokes Emil Zola’s famous indictment in the conclusion of his book Shake Hands With The Devil. The face staring from the dust jacket seems to have been cast from the mould marked ‘soldier’: a model of character and fortitude, a study in […]

Feeling grumpy is good for you. Imagine my delight upon seeing this headline on Auntie’s web site. Well – it’s me brand innit. Actually the whole grumpy thing has become a dreadful cliché. I would have tried for a little more originality were it not for a confluence of circumstances. First, it’s quite accurate. Second, […]