Thanks to Dave Trott the comments function at GrumpyBrit is now – functioning. After 8 months of receiving no comments you’d have thought I would have sussed a mechanical malfunction, or given the bloody thing up. Well if you have to be shown up for a technological dickhead, it may as well be by an […]

Some time around the turn of the millennium there was a catastrophic event that erased the sum total of accumulated wisdom and collective memory of the then known marketing world. This cataclysm was presaged by a plague of disheveled, gadget wearing yobs, shuffling into ad agencies in search of branding. The scruffs believed they and […]

A never-ending story

Dave Trott has a great piece on the British wartime response to Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will in which she creates a terrifying picture of the Nazis as an invincible and unstoppable war machine. The ceaseless and often futile task of convincing clients of the overwhelmingly superior persuasive power of the emotional over the […]

When I was growing up in Birmingham, Dr. Barnardo’s was synonymous with orphanages; there was an imposing mansion, a Barnardo’s ‘home’, not far from where I lived. It all seemed very Oliver Twist, a bit mysterious, a world I really couldn’t imagine. Which of course is exactly the problem. Today Barnardo’s advocates on behalf of […]

The worst “10 Worst” list

The only thing worse than “all Tiger all the time” right now is that perennial inanity, the Top 10 list, which this year is joined by the “of the decade” list, which is actually quite fucked up, because didn’t we go through all the “decade isn’t over until 2001” bollocks at the turn of the […]

A talk, a dork and a walk

Three recent pieces, from three titans of the ad industry: the good, the bad and the lovely. Rory Sutherland is just the kind of chap advertising needs to renovate both its product and its image. He takes a balanced and intellectual approach to marketing communications and argues compellingly for the economic benefits of intangible value […]

The whole idea of some idyllic time when people put their trust in brands seems to me as delusional as the hoary pronouncement that “life was better back then” (then being any time prior to the life experience of the listener). I just watched a video of the estimable Luke Sullivan speaking to advertising students. […]