The safety of numbers

Instead of misspending my youth justifying membership in the wrong crowd I should have been studying to be an ophthalmologist? Or a dental technician. But back when I eschewed academic advancement in favour of drinking for Essex I thought very little about demography. Our generation bifurcated quite nicely along the lines of mod or rocker, […]

There is a lovely speech that Chief Seattle of the Squamish tribe is supposed to have delivered at a meeting to discuss the sale of native land to white settlers (the actual text of the speech and even the event itself are the subject of considerable dispute among historians, but I like the sentiment anyway). […]

In turbulent times there’s a tendency for people to put their brains into sleep mode. Fear dampens the spirit of inquiry and heightens the appeal of easy answers. No more middle ground: you’re either with us or against us. Tom Asacker thinks that branding is an industrial age concept that’s long past its sell by […]

Return on ego

When Foster’s launched into the Canadian beer market we used to sit in the interminable focus groups that are the price you pay for raucous nights in strip joints and luxurious production budgets, listening to punters recite their spots verbatim. They couldn’t get enough of the chipper croc wrestler, Paul Hogan. But Foster’s barely made […]

I am afraid I have to carry on where my pal Peter Holmes of Reason Partners sensibly left off in excoriating the following from Marketing Magazine’s 2010: Industry Expert Predictions. Pete is far more polite than me, so I’ll begin by saying that the quoted ‘expert’ is one Andy Krupski, veteran suit, former BDA president-thingy […]

Sycophantic doesn’t begin to describe this interview with Alan Mulally. And he certainly seems to be feeling the love, albeit the strictly butt slapping, high fiving, circle-jerking kind. Former cockpit designer for Boeing, Mulally is the CEO of Ford and the keynote speaker at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Which I’ll grant is a nifty […]

By and large clients are timid beasts. Well let’s face it, marketing is a lousy job. No one has a clue what you do, but they know they don’t like it when they see it. Your budget is the first to get cut when money’s tight and your work is the first to take the […]