The lost art of eccentricity.

I attended that unique British institution, the exceptionally minor public school. Two of them actually, the first in their desperation to see the back of me offering up a glowing (and utterly misleading) reference, which secured my place at the other. At the latter joint there was a trio of masters who had all been […]

Making news

There used to be a director in New York (I think his name was Nat Eisenberg) whose speciality was making consumer testimonial TV spots. With packaged goods companies of course, this meant the finished spot would have to reflect a predetermined, strategically correct script. He would simply keep re-framing the same questions until the punter […]

Those who can do, those who can’t teach. I don’t entirely agree with the cliché, after all I was privileged to thwart the efforts of a number of impassioned and brilliant teachers, all of whom, despite my best efforts left some indelible mark on my soul. But right now the marketing and advertising business is […]

It appears that Leo Burnett has opened a daycare in Sydney. I suppose it’s one way to “monetize” the space when the grown ups aren’t there. And of course there are all those apples that need eating up. Poor old Leo, he had all sorts of criteria for when they should take his name off […]

Right now, I hope there are such things as ghosts and that they are capable of truly fucking with peoples’ heads. Because I most sincerely hope that the ghost of Tiger’s dad comes down and does a real Hamlet Senior number on his son, his agent, and the marketing people at Nike. Either that or […]