Brand cant.

The only thing worse than social media cant is brand cant. Not every client is seduced by the siren call of the social media harpies, but every client has a brand. Brand cant is insidious. This bloke took a few too many hits of acid back in the day and the flashbacks just keep on […]

In Julian Barnes’ satiric novel England, England, the Isle of Wight is transformed into a spectacular theme park. England, England is a simulacrum of all those things that define “Englishness”. Eventually England, England becomes a commercially vibrant sovereign state in its own right while old England falls into an almost post-apocalyptic decay, re-naming itself Anglia […]

Positioning madness.

For years Labatt and Molson Breweries battled it out to be the bottled essence of what it is to be Canadian (or at least Canadian male aged LDA to 24). Today, Labatt is a burp on some Brazilian’s income statement, or should that be Belgian? Some far-flung ‘B’ country at any rate. Molson of course […]