The silliest part of the social media zealots’ consternation over Malcolm Gladwell’s recent piece in the New Yorker is that it isn’t actually about social media. It’s about political activism. Dramatic claims of the role of social media in political activism (such as the demonstrations in Tehran) don’t merely overstate the case, they dilute the […]

Without the internet there would be no Sarah Palin. Or at least we’d be blissfully unaware of her existence. My friend Jim used to joke that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was actually intended to safeguard the inalienable right to keep the arms of bears. Here is a video of Sarah Palin braying […]

Writing a press release is enervating work at the best of times, but writing a press release to accommodate the demands of an SEO-zealot would make Sisyphus thank Zeus that all he has to do is roll a rock around for eternity. Search engine optimization as most people know by now, is the business of […]

In WWI the Germans referred to the ferocious, kilt clad soldiers of the Black Watch as “the ladies from hell”. Which is an apt description of the client group at the ‘very big packaged goods company’ that was my first account. I still feel a bit queasy when I enter the building where those chilly […]