They want to build a flock of windmills not far from Grumpy Park. The local golf course is said to be the windiest place in Ontario. On the face of it then, not so good for golf, wonderful for windmills (wind turbines really, they don’t actually mill anything). Lawn signs clamour STOP THE WINDMILLS. There’s […]

During a pre-production meeting about a hundred years ago one of the clients had the temerity to ask: “What colour will the boat be?” “Boat coloured,” replied the art director without looking up from his doodle-strewn art pad. And that was the last we heard from that member of the brand team. Clients weren’t so […]

Damn. I preferred it when there were no vaguely interesting agency blogs in the tundra, I could be late out of the gate and still be first. Now there’s Grip’s excellent bigorangeslide and the buggers scooped a post I didn’t get round to this morning. But they’re doing the good social media thing and asking […]