The Big Easy, Tinseltown, Motown, Gotham, La Serenissima, Auld Reekie, the Great Wen, the dreaming spires. Move aside you fading Norma Desmonds, you crumbling metropolitan has-beens. Toronto has a new nickname: El Toro. It’s a brand, spanking new nickname. Not turgidly evolved over time in the local vernacular, no dull and unimaginative connection to the […]

Research proves nothing.

This graphic, entitled American Shame suggests that America lags many other nations on a sort of national “wellness” scale developed by the IMF. An alternative interpretation of the IMF’s scorecard might be that the findings simply reflect the past economic and social priorities of the countries examined, as opposed to being a measure of performance […]

A couple of years ago, I went golfing with a copywriter friend at the course up by Grumpy Park. As we checked in at the pro shop I could see the staff warily eying him up and down, presumably worried he might nick the range balls, or that he had a machete concealed somewhere about […]

Made by motherfuckers.

I despise the Super bowl ad fest. So much otherwise scarce marketing money poured into a self-congratulatory circle jerk; brands that would never normally do TV spots, and TV spots that brands would never normally do; so many unqualified commentators and all those dumbass, meaningless ad meters and scoring systems; interminable post game-day analysis of […]

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been consumed, along with every other sentient being, by the events in Tunisia, Egypt and across the Arab world. It certainly appears that we are living through one of those “hinge of fate” moments in history. I was fortunate enough to go on a high school trip to […]