I’ve never met Jacoub Bondre, I know him only through his contributions to his agency’s blog and his twitter feed. Jacoub is a high profile member of the Toronto advertising community. He is the Director of Innovation and Technology at Grip Ltd., one of the largest shops in the country, and to a great extent […]

Last week there was an interview on Radio Tundra with the CEO of Canada Goose. They make coats for killingly cold weather: parkas and anoraks really but he insisted on calling them coats. If Canada Goose had been around in 1912, Captain Scott and the boys would probably have made it home. Uniquely, these coats […]

Machiavelli described three fundamentally viable forms of government: autocratic, aristocratic and democratic. For each, depending on the state of the nation, he saw an indispensable and beneficial role. He also acknowledged the potential for any of them to turn malignant, as when autocracy becomes dictatorship, aristocracy becomes oligarchy or democracy collapses into anarchy. The present […]

RIM is the Canadian business success story. Blackberry was one of the few real products to emerge not merely unscathed, but as a deserving and legitimate global powerhouse from the insanity of the Web 1.0 bubble. It spawned a thriving technology business in south western Ontario and was largely responsible for the transformation of a […]