R.I.P. Marie Colvin

If she’d been a character in a film you might have thought that Hollywood was gilding the lily, as Hollywood is wont to do: attractive blonde woman, mid 50s, throaty delivery, eye patch. All around her bullets fly, buildings burn and babies die. But Marie Colvin was the real thing, a war correspondent for the […]

Medieval marketing

According to this list of trades typically found in a medieval city, 14th century businesses had to muddle along without marketing consultants, social strategists, account people or creative guys. Makes you wonder how the hell anything ever got sold. On the other hand cursory analysis offers clues to the antecedents of modern day mavens, gurus […]

By nightfall on August 2, 216 BC 48,000 human carcasses give or take, littered the Apulian plain in southern Italy after Hannibal and his heavily outnumbered Carthaginian army defeated the Romans at the Battle of Cannae. Or as historian Robert O’Connell in The Ghosts of Cannae calculated: around 6,000,000 lbs. of rotting carrion suddenly became […]