Good retail is theatre: it employs sets, props, a carefully selected and well-rehearsed cast of characters and sound effects to provide punters with a unique and satisfying experience. Unfortunately most Canadian retailers fare little better than your average small town dramatic society. Maybe it has to do with our idea of theatre being a punch-up […]

On Tuesday of last week, one of the senators for South Carolina, Lindsay Graham (Rep.), perfectly demonstrated the infantilism of the oust-Obama-whatever-the-cost party, which includes many registered Republicans, all libertarians, and of course the inbred adherents of the I’m-against-anyone-I’m-not related-to Tea Party. “It’s really American to avoid paying taxes, legally,” said the stentorian gentleman in […]

Every evening, after a hard day berating account people and homogenising TV scripts and ad copy, your average brand manager type returns to his home on a suburban street (likely named for the flora or fauna cleared to make way for it) and begins the quest for some stimulation to wash away the mental grime […]