Here’s a master class on how a brand can make hay with social media.

Chap makes a joke on the brand’s facebook page. The joke is very well received garnering some 84,000 likes.

The brand (a “fem hy” thingummy) runs with the joke and ratchets up the comedy, almost to the point of self-satire (including the rather oddly mixed simile “…the blood coursing from our uteri like a crimson landslide”). The brand’s video attracts 175,000 views on YouTube within days of posting.

No, this is not proof that Facebook is, after all, an effective advertising medium. Neither is it evidence that traditional advertising is sickening, moribund or dead. It’s not a campaign (although we can hope it might inform the tone of the next one). However, it is a useful illustration of how social media can be a vehicle for an opportunistic foray when particular circumstances suggest themselves to vigilant, agile and creative marketing people (although the title of Brand Controller is a bit chilling, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable working with one of those).

Best of all it vividly demonstrates that when brands stop taking themselves so seriously they can actually be quite engaging. By the way, for the jargon-obsessed, this is a real life example of being ‘engaging’. Or as we used to say, entertaining. Oh, and it’s not content. It’s a video.