Whinging about ads used to be the province of UnaBomber types back when the aggrieved party actually had to put pen to paper, discover the address of the offending company, rummage around their shack in the forest for a stamp, steal into town and post the damn thing in a mailbox (no not that kind of mailbox, a squat, doughty metal thing with… oh never mind).

Why I recall as if it was yesterday the crazed dissertation on inter-racial ‘mingling’ and miscegenation I received in response to a thoroughly innocuous TV spot which ended on a couple of Asian guys sharing a beer with a couple of Caucasian girls at Expo ’86 in Vancouver.

Advertisers by and large have always been overly sensitive to complaints about their advertisements and in the last few years the convenient, not to mention conveniently anonymous expedient of social media has rendered this epidemic.

But, there is a revealing aspect to this plague. Take Taco Bell. Here’s a company that within the comfy, collegial confines of the boardroom presumably revel in the fact that their product represents the very antithesis of healthy eating, that the customer they make their bonuses from is a hormonal adolescent male whose cognitive function during this inevitable but generally transitory life stage peregrinates from alcohol to ass and back again. Oh yes, and those for whom the life stage is anything but transitory.

Occasionally companies of this ilk take things a bit too far and governments must legislate them into removing some of the more noxious poisons from their recipe. Nonetheless, their product is legal and wholly fit for its, albeit dubious purpose. It’s shit. The vast majority of its consumers will grow out of this shit. But another cohort of adolescent arseholes is champing at the bit to fill their puke and pizza encrusted trainers.

For a company that devotes so much energy to those with an abundance of testosterone, there seems to be a serious deficit of same at Taco Bell.

Bowing to the demands of a group at the polar extreme of your product’s reason for being suggests that either everyone in the marketing department should be looking for a new job, or that Taco Bell needs to seriously re-think its product.